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Strategic communications that align with your business goals.

While advertising is about your brand, strategic communications is capitalizing on the great things your customers are saying about you and managing the not-so-great thing when necessary.

Along with ndp’s suite of services in advertising, marketing, media and digital is our strategic communications practice – extending your brand and engaging your audiences with award-winning insights and solutions in public relations, media relations, crisis communications, social media and more.

Today, news travels lightning fast. And with your audiences bombarded with messages, it’s more challenging than ever to be heard in a crowded marketplace. Our experienced and trusted strategic communications team is always here for you.

Communications Capabilities

Strategy and Messaging
  • Message development
  • Public relations plans
  • Content creation
  • Employee communications
  • Event strategy and planning
  • Speech writing
  • Corporate, blog and newsletter writing
Media Relations and Social Media
  • Media relations
  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Media monitoring and measurement
  • Media research
  • Media training
  • Social media strategy and implementation
Crisis Communications
  • Crisis communications and planning
  • Issues management
  • Public affairs
  • Community relations
man pulling a tattoo vest over his skin

ndp Case Study This is art appreciation

Introducing the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to a new audience.

The VMFA challenged ndp to broaden the museum’s audience base by attracting younger individuals who have a different, less conventional appreciation of art to the “Japanese Tattoo: Perseverance, Art and Tradition” exhibit.

Our target audience does not consume media in the traditional way. Millennials measure success not in dollars but in experiences. Therefore, we needed to reach them by intersecting with their lives. We employed print, online, outdoor, social and event communications.

We hired a Japanese muralist, Moya, to tattoo the ndp Richmond headquarters, and we drew people to the event via an Instagram scavenger hunt.

man pulling a tattoo sleave over his forearm
man pulling a tattoo sleave over his forearm
man pulling a tattoo sleave over his forearm

Around 20,000 people visited the exhibit, beating projections, and the campaign earned a total of eight media placements in newspapers, magazines and radio.

Although there were zero dollars budgeted for PR, the team garnered $49,606 in earned media, much of which focused on the mural installation.

We attracted a new audience for the museum, with 40 percent of attendees being new visitors. During the first month alone, our campaign helped VMFA nearly double projected ticket sales. The earned and owned media efforts stretched the museum’s modest budget by 40 percent, and its social fan base saw a 20 percent lift. While the campaign was created to be as uniquely personal as tattoos themselves, our efforts earned lasting ink for the museum.

crowd gathered around the tattoo-painted ndp building
a woman is cutting cilantro in the kitchen

ndp Case Study A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen

Loma Linda University International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition gets our vote.

We were tasked with generating national media exposure for Loma Linda University’s sixth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition.

We identified one topic at this academic conference that had the potential for the most media interest – the release of an international study showing that plant-based diets with nuts and virgin olive oil (the Mediterranean diet) can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%. In talking to the researchers, we discovered that the results they had were compelling for consumers. Taking advantage of media interest in healthy living, we created and managed a media relations campaign that led to global coverage, further establishing Loma Linda as a leader in health and wellness.

Eleven journalists covered the study’s release on site at a news conference in California. Another 33 from around the country joined via online live stream. The study was mentioned in 173 media articles from national publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post to the AP wire, local and regional media, and specialty publications like Prevention. The replay of the news conference was watched online by 4,395 people.

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eggplants in the background, with the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition and Loma Linda University logos over top

Sharing how MedCottage cares for loved ones close to home.

Innovation in rehabilitation and extended care

As 78 million Baby Boomers prepare for their senior years – potentially straining nursing homes and government-funded healthcare programs – a start-up company developed a revolutionary solution: a transportable medical home called the MedCottage that could be placed on the property of a loved one. The company wanted to get the word out through the media that this product was about to be introduced as an alternative to nursing homes, helping families better manage the care of the elderly.

A product rollout event that attracted media from across the United States and Europe was followed by a robust media pitching campaign.

As a result of our communications, 180 investors and media outlets attended the rollout event. We received national coverage in The Washington Post, CBS News, NPR, Marketplace, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and many others. Stories garnered mentions in key national trade publications, including "AARP Magazine" and "Senior Living", and were picked up in dozens of daily newspapers as well as blogs focusing on senior care. We had nearly 10,000 visits to the MedCottage website with an average time on site of 2:42. An estimated $5 million to $10 million in advertising – equivalent media exposure was earned and created enough interest to begin production – with no advertising budget.

snippet of a MEDCottage ad in a magazine

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